Monday, August 31, 2009

Mind Maze Crazy days
lazy ways green machine
sleep maze
crystalin pho snack
cookies n cream
a whack nooky dream
the computer screen
re fuse the cannon
and cruise the universe
hum canons, fan dango
mango too tough to
tangle spaghetti western
best burn fat of the beef sears, cheers,
gargle beer and swallow smoke
stacks, jokes, facts, your cards, and the soap

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I don't have a block
i lived on three there was no stoppen
every where i been i been on somebody's clock &
locked in; it gets to me, putten stock in
society where everyone around worships the mighty dolla piously
I'm rioting, on the inside but i can't let it out
cause deep down it's true, money's what i'm all about
i want out, i want in, i want to wallow in the sin
of phat wallets & dollops of whipped cream on toppa my jim beam
& coffee, black like the hearts of the men wearen the black suits
the boots, the pressed collars, business casual partners
starten avalanches slave drivers sitten at the top
while the pock marked punter on the streets dreams about lots
and lots, that will never be, things she'll never see
the person she'll never be, and how that relates to me is
like this: i give me cigarettes to pick pockets
while stalken profits wanting all of it for my own

i am the modern man, i buy all my clothes at the sally ann
i live in canada i eat bannas i try to write hits but in the end,
this existence is bullshit; just a tip of the iceberg
a slice of pie size of the hindenberg
it's the word of god
we all hail from the land of nod
and it's all been decided for us
no change the drugs were laced for us
for all the pain we shoulda just stayed in the forest
you me and my buddy horace
we could fuck whenever we wanted
no worries about s.t.d.s or babies
cause it'd be nature's way, nature's sayen
play it up, make a puppy; no liven in stuffy apartments
no choice but to put your heart in it
none uh diss big business bullshit, no need
to picket wal mart, no need to stick it
in a rib cage, none of this crazy rage

but hey, i can't say i mind bein the modern man
i love the ability to plan, and man my own changes
to think about my goals, step it up in stages
but why we gotta lock our brothers up in cement cages
lazy; that's what we are when it comes to problems
hazy on the details but solutions? we got em
or so they say, but it's just another play
to get the money out of the hands of the poor into the wealth-ays

i don't have a block

don't have an urge to pack a glock just wanna help
put a stop to the madness, stop the sadness
but i'd be glad if you dropped another fitty in my hand

Monday, August 24, 2009

back in 08 got a piece of sweet cake
pieces of paper under the tongue to make ya see lazers
two 10 strip in my hand call up lloyd freudian doppleganger
got some bad e to sketch me out lets head out, go fucken crazy
hit up a party; shit they're all 15 here, what is this music they're playen here

it's true i'm fucked up seeing 08 08 08
triple 8s too late to turn it back 5 hits, I ate em like a snack
errbody looken at me like i just smoked some crack
wanna go back, my minds off track feelen the grass
move with the moon, booze in my glass, drank it to fast, to soon

philosophical implications stormen towards me I just ate the moon
my skin looks old and wrinkled, I feel like I'm a prune
can't stand this talk... microsoft zune, ipods and emo rock tunes
and we talk we talk all night all night
smoke a pack and a half, still I don't feel right
don't remember how to get home, don't remember these traffic lights
I guesss that's the price to pay for 16 hours of psychedelic play

no way, I made it home, all alone nobody to tell me no, don't eat the rest
but i shove it under my tongue, like it's my duty, it's my quest, it's my test

there's such a thing as too much but my problem is I lust
for more, gotta score or else it's boring, less than the
rest of ya and I'm snoring

there's such a thing as too much, my problem is I lust
to be fucked up and shattered, deep down I don't feel like
any of it matters so eat all the paper, no sense in being
straight here cause I don't like the bait

things moving so fast now, picken up speed my memory taken
shore leave, it's my reason to put on some zeppelin while my
brain is freezen up, on simple matters of fact like my name
who I am, what I'm doing where I'm at; the scariest shit
I'm seein in front of me, weed bag turns to grasshopers
with the wickedest grins, I'm being punished by demons
for the simplest sin of putten too much in my brain
spreaden consciousness too thin, i'm so fucked up gotta lay
down to survive this, oh fuck, the walls are alive with
lilacs it's beautiful; and terrifying at the same time
millenia spent as a pong game, chemicals synthesizing
i'm being operated on by futuristic rodents in a chemical lab
they're removing my emotions I become one,
with the universe around me but it's nothing I'm familiar with
I don't know my family, this place I'm in, is this my room
it's not, faces in the trees moven so fast I gotta stop

locks are all I see, clocks going backwards, shit on the t.v.
gotta solve the puzzle

cannabis for breakfast is a must
lusten for green seeds growen big
ass leaves and fat ass buds joinen
the club of the maryjane takes
two tries before ya get the giggles and the smiles
takes a while before it becomes your habit
indica in yo hands three seconds and you have it
rolled up in a j, radio playen reggae
master ace, and jefferson airplane

blasten past stratosphere crystal clear how you got here
fat blunts, blade rips, roaches smoked on paper clips
weed leaf patch sewn on denim with green stitches in strips
mixen different strains; eyes on the road but in the
wrong lane
mother back at home all alone prayen

get him off the weed leaf
get him off the weed leaf

my buddy knows somebody with a funny name
he's comen later hairy leaf his game
300 pound skater, he'll have bags here,
you know it, talk to him we'll be cool
no way to blow it

and if he don't got none i'll call up
trips by the jasper strip, maybe him
and eclipse can hook us up with a fix
listen, he's got the good shit
wouldn't try to trick him
don't you dare pick him out of a lineup

fuck it, they may as well had a sign up
sayen d.r.u.g.z. here, smoke a bowl to your head here
for free, we'll hook you up later for a small fee
after the sample, they comen through the place
like cattle in the cow town stampede
got the zombie glow in their eyes
from smoken too much green
boys got too much cream
playen like it's more than a small scene
believe me, i've seen this city
busten at it's seams, the broken dreams
the men in need of healing
but it's small and the reason
i say this is sinister in it's
fission of big brother and
betrayed lover but the
p.o.p.o. gotta be on the kno kno
because it's slow goin
cuz when you hit the bottom
people read the news
and figure cool, we caught them

fucken dealers and stealers grifters and shape shifters
hear weed they think heroin not seein
weeds the heroine of hollywood films
artists high on dope throwen sculptures in the kiln
stolen moments by improv tricksters
toss some psychadelia into the mixture
air here's thick with herb smoke
step up to the mic and take a bigass toke

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There is a difference between a fag and a lesbian. Gay isn't just gay. There's a difference even if you don't like the other sex. More equal rights groups should be supporting the gay rights groups and vise versa. Feminists should chill the fuck down and hang out with the equal rights groups. Nothing in modern feminism even reminds me of equal rights.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


new song "mojo"

philosophizing st paul got christ infused hallucinations
hallucinogens in the blood stream dream in the desert
both of us sitten...listenin....trippen
sweaten like late stage nixon

rippen hoots like the green went the way of money
looken at a vixen, shoot a glance now kiss me, lovely
put it on the lips, nothen like a female to go with some bong rips

a boner on a tuesday beats hot stock tips
Mixed bag, observations stacked like poker chips
rockets in your hand one on the table, trip
aces money in the pocket, styled like an aesop fables
defying labels payen too much for the goddamn cable

and the way they play the news spenden money on
crews who abuse the platform, politician as actor
blowen up like nuclear reactors, practically
invisibly stealen the cream from those leaner
than they should be, beause there's no good food to
eat , we got a problem when the salad costs
more than the beef; red meat cheaper than the green leaves
even cigarettes are cheaper; listen to me wheeze!

hoarse horses on horse in the stable once again i've dug way too low, way too low

motions passed against moven mojo on asses
class war against the poor and the whores
motions passed against moven mojo on asses
class war against the poor and the whores

who can't afford glasses; stacken chips
high high, and they lie lie lie about
where they all go, where they all go
funden government promos
funden government homos

getten hosed even when there's no afforden it
hoarden the booze drink drink drink what have you got ta loose
letten mary and joseph pour a corrosive cocktail
hot on your trail, post your notice, post your bail

legato, staccato; our leaders? they cracked yo
democracy? unlikely, so fight me! I know ya
douches in suits are only into sight-seeing
comin at us with tazers, so i hit you with lightning

crab walken lock stock and two smoken barrels
christmas carols sparken controversy honours
at university listless mysterys academically
proving all life is weird and lonely, all life is confusing
amsuing abusing and bruising to the organism
smorgasboard of bodies in the morgue

lord christ almighty crucified in his tighty whities
god above pitchen his plans to smite me
don't take this shit lightly cause honestly, i find it kind frightening

rafael and the cts three

this isn't a particularly good rap, but it's an actual email i sent to my bosses, and that's what counts.

there's a guy named rafael who works the csc
he sits over there by you and over there by thee
he doesn't bother anyone, least of all me
but sometimes he makes a ticket with the wrong group id

he won't work cts. he says he doesn't like it
but one time he said yes, so before that night hit
we had him added to the reich so he would have the right
to see what we're doing and contribute his might, shit
he handles emails so fast with his unbeatable skill
that by the end of the month he breaches nearly nil
but the speed that he works at comes with a price
when the inbox is full and the pressure is thrice
he may type too fast or miss a click with his mice
getting every detail right is a roll of the dice

my request to you is to limit the factors
that rafael must deliver to us silly crackers
but not for him so much as us, because the fact is
when he puts the wrong group it skews our stats's's


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rip Rip Rip

Rip Rip Rip
Trips I don't know ya
Hip to love ya brutha
goin southern on the bitches
snitching wishen mixen
fickle fixens
sultry vixens ya tricked me
stop me
disc shaped mix tape
better than us divorced from the rust
cause you hate the red tape
community laced fast paced
past erased; the dragon chased ya
techno laced ya thought processesssssssssssss
local listings picture perfect hissing
cats up to bat I'm just a man,
i'm not all that; dare ya to put
yo mouth on the money write yo
strong words on a baseball hat
on the follow through, she finds you lacking
comfy on the couch, always snacking

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Monday, August 10, 2009


is it your first time doin it screwen it up
hedging bets on cheap shots banken on your luck
little venom in the air, medical scares hair
standing on end like they be ten floor high
prior we had our innocence, now i'm standing on the fence
seeing mad threats to my dollars and scents
of flowers thoughts stuck riffen on the same themes for hours
humidity risen rain droppen fast faces gazen out
windows, cryen, spying on neighbors waiting for
surgical lazers to cut out pull an about face
weak immune systems spellen the e.n.d. of this race
what's the case to build for such an affliction
eery reflection of human condition diseased
displeased bacteria writing on our obituary, deceased

devil been in my blood since age ten
pour that drink stiff, i'll say when
take a flying leap off the big ben

seriously articulating titular
anachrostic nonsense
sensitive skin itch itch

the m.d. don't know jack shit and the g.o.d. only
got jack chick now i'm paranoid feelen itches all
over like i be looken for four leaf clovers
little death, silent rover, if there's an antidote hand it over
fast gotta kill my eery past and every last
reminder that you find her
way different than photo stashed in your highschool binder

five to the dollar that you make it out alive
slap a high five, ten, twenty; feet making contact
desperation a-plenty; you want to take me now? I'm ready;
put me up against freddy kreuger; if death glances at me
i'm no loser; symptomatic I may be, or maybe I be
crazy, it's all a bit hazy as to whose skin touched
whose and who stands to lose; grab my fears by the throat
and douse them in booze - knee deep in the paranoia cruise

devil been in my blood since age ten
pour that drink stiff, i'll say when
take a flying leap off the big ben

seriously articulating titular
anachrostic nonsense
sensitive skin itch itch


Saturday, August 8, 2009

mr hicks

Friday, August 7, 2009

one of the reasons the world is so shitty

have you worked for a big company before?

i don't mean ibm, or microsoft

i mean london drugs



ever notice how many cocky upstarts there are? douchebags that want everything and want it now, even though what they want (management, highest sales count, fanciest shoes at work) is just goofy bullshit?

this phenomenah of cocky upstarts i believe has arisen from overpopulation (which was probably a result of cockyupstarts trying to fuck everything in sight) in that, because there is so little of everything, even if your pond is shitty (future shop) you want to be the biggest fish in that pond you can be (douchebag)

now there are of course, people that have been content with their job their, because it meets their needs, and don't buy into that bullshit, and they are generally fairly peaceful and easy to get along with.

i notice a parallel here with the hobos. there are some older dudes, who have been at it for a while; they may have been guys just like us who got fucked in some economic downturn, caught while they had few chips to rely on and forced to a life of hoboness. once outside the system, how hard must it be to get back in? who would want back in?

I met one last night, and gave him half a mountain dew. he seemed like he'd been at it a while, and i actually enjoyed talking to him.

but then there was this australian dude; now he isn't a cockupstart really, just an addict, but i wrote a rap abuot him. this is a digression.

sob story repeated rote from memory
mixen truth with lies arms shaken, tremoring
he wants smack, seven dollars and a pat on the back
attacking every bud on the street he said his name was pete
from australia said to me your eyes are like crocodiles
don't you believe me? i gotta get free or they'll deport
put out a warrant, don't report please; got lawyer fees
a wife and a daughter; i could tell from his teeth
and his shifty feet that he was ready to slaughter for
coin annoying all the passer bys, if you gotta maintain
a smack habit work it out in your brain, cause you'll
jones like a madman if ya aint got the change
ta fill your veins, avoid those withdrawl pains fill
the syringe and hit a mainline on time; so i tell em
all i got is rhymes, been unemployed for three months
you vs. me, my belly trumps not goin to the atm for you
cause i'm just as blue, red in the pocket, debt goin up
like a rocket; you live free, dont you see? all you gotta
avoid is the r.c.m.p.; i got banks on my ass given me
sass classless companies comin after me with knuckles wrapped in brass

the point about the cockyupstart beggars though are that these are the guys who are our age, clearly can work, and don't. I'll bet they even have homes. in any case. they're far to aggressive and worst of all usually give you a sales pitch that is eerily similar to a cellphone sales guy with their fucking gelled back hair.

I think these are the SAME DOUCHEBAGS that step on your toes at shitty jobs like THE GROCERY STORE to get a job as SHITTY GROCERY STORE MANAGER. Nobody likes them. But they get what they want. Whether it's the corner by 7/11 (i actually saw this young guy dressed in a hawaiian shirt begging for change, go yell at an old wrinkly dude begging for change "You're on my corner and it's BUGGING ME"; hey fucker, that's MY corner. i pay taxes! and i prefer the beggars that aren't douches!) or the most attendances at the intra-office blood drive

anyway, it's overpopulation, i think, that is the reason for these guys. lack of resources (management positions at superstore / jobs ) ( corners for change / people wanting change) that causes salesman.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today I was in a bookstore and found L Ron Hubbard's fantasy saga in the science fiction section. On the opposite side of it, on the religion side, was L Ron Hubbard's Dianetics and such.

I'm pretty sure they put them there for a reason

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mr cronenberg


heres a poem for yall

sand in my tent
sand in my sleeping bag
sand in my salad
sand in my sunscreen
sand in my hat
sand in my shoes
sand in my socks
sand in my pants
sand in my backpack
sand in between my teeth

im camping on some lake by nelson. it's probably called "nelson lake" or "kootenay lake" or something. it is the most brutal place i have ever been. bugs eating bugs and shit. the cops kicked me and this wicked belgian dude and this sweet hippie chick off the nude beach for cooking dinner. so now i'm gone on a far away beach which i guess is still a nude beach because i came back yesterday and there was this smoking hot chick in the nude by my tent. im going to go to shambhala tonight too. ok thats my story/. sleep tight lovers

Monday, August 3, 2009


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