Monday, August 24, 2009

back in 08 got a piece of sweet cake
pieces of paper under the tongue to make ya see lazers
two 10 strip in my hand call up lloyd freudian doppleganger
got some bad e to sketch me out lets head out, go fucken crazy
hit up a party; shit they're all 15 here, what is this music they're playen here

it's true i'm fucked up seeing 08 08 08
triple 8s too late to turn it back 5 hits, I ate em like a snack
errbody looken at me like i just smoked some crack
wanna go back, my minds off track feelen the grass
move with the moon, booze in my glass, drank it to fast, to soon

philosophical implications stormen towards me I just ate the moon
my skin looks old and wrinkled, I feel like I'm a prune
can't stand this talk... microsoft zune, ipods and emo rock tunes
and we talk we talk all night all night
smoke a pack and a half, still I don't feel right
don't remember how to get home, don't remember these traffic lights
I guesss that's the price to pay for 16 hours of psychedelic play

no way, I made it home, all alone nobody to tell me no, don't eat the rest
but i shove it under my tongue, like it's my duty, it's my quest, it's my test

there's such a thing as too much but my problem is I lust
for more, gotta score or else it's boring, less than the
rest of ya and I'm snoring

there's such a thing as too much, my problem is I lust
to be fucked up and shattered, deep down I don't feel like
any of it matters so eat all the paper, no sense in being
straight here cause I don't like the bait

things moving so fast now, picken up speed my memory taken
shore leave, it's my reason to put on some zeppelin while my
brain is freezen up, on simple matters of fact like my name
who I am, what I'm doing where I'm at; the scariest shit
I'm seein in front of me, weed bag turns to grasshopers
with the wickedest grins, I'm being punished by demons
for the simplest sin of putten too much in my brain
spreaden consciousness too thin, i'm so fucked up gotta lay
down to survive this, oh fuck, the walls are alive with
lilacs it's beautiful; and terrifying at the same time
millenia spent as a pong game, chemicals synthesizing
i'm being operated on by futuristic rodents in a chemical lab
they're removing my emotions I become one,
with the universe around me but it's nothing I'm familiar with
I don't know my family, this place I'm in, is this my room
it's not, faces in the trees moven so fast I gotta stop

locks are all I see, clocks going backwards, shit on the t.v.
gotta solve the puzzle

cannabis for breakfast is a must
lusten for green seeds growen big
ass leaves and fat ass buds joinen
the club of the maryjane takes
two tries before ya get the giggles and the smiles
takes a while before it becomes your habit
indica in yo hands three seconds and you have it
rolled up in a j, radio playen reggae
master ace, and jefferson airplane

blasten past stratosphere crystal clear how you got here
fat blunts, blade rips, roaches smoked on paper clips
weed leaf patch sewn on denim with green stitches in strips
mixen different strains; eyes on the road but in the
wrong lane
mother back at home all alone prayen

get him off the weed leaf
get him off the weed leaf

my buddy knows somebody with a funny name
he's comen later hairy leaf his game
300 pound skater, he'll have bags here,
you know it, talk to him we'll be cool
no way to blow it

and if he don't got none i'll call up
trips by the jasper strip, maybe him
and eclipse can hook us up with a fix
listen, he's got the good shit
wouldn't try to trick him
don't you dare pick him out of a lineup

fuck it, they may as well had a sign up
sayen d.r.u.g.z. here, smoke a bowl to your head here
for free, we'll hook you up later for a small fee
after the sample, they comen through the place
like cattle in the cow town stampede
got the zombie glow in their eyes
from smoken too much green
boys got too much cream
playen like it's more than a small scene
believe me, i've seen this city
busten at it's seams, the broken dreams
the men in need of healing
but it's small and the reason
i say this is sinister in it's
fission of big brother and
betrayed lover but the
p.o.p.o. gotta be on the kno kno
because it's slow goin
cuz when you hit the bottom
people read the news
and figure cool, we caught them

fucken dealers and stealers grifters and shape shifters
hear weed they think heroin not seein
weeds the heroine of hollywood films
artists high on dope throwen sculptures in the kiln
stolen moments by improv tricksters
toss some psychadelia into the mixture
air here's thick with herb smoke
step up to the mic and take a bigass toke


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