Friday, August 7, 2009

one of the reasons the world is so shitty

have you worked for a big company before?

i don't mean ibm, or microsoft

i mean london drugs



ever notice how many cocky upstarts there are? douchebags that want everything and want it now, even though what they want (management, highest sales count, fanciest shoes at work) is just goofy bullshit?

this phenomenah of cocky upstarts i believe has arisen from overpopulation (which was probably a result of cockyupstarts trying to fuck everything in sight) in that, because there is so little of everything, even if your pond is shitty (future shop) you want to be the biggest fish in that pond you can be (douchebag)

now there are of course, people that have been content with their job their, because it meets their needs, and don't buy into that bullshit, and they are generally fairly peaceful and easy to get along with.

i notice a parallel here with the hobos. there are some older dudes, who have been at it for a while; they may have been guys just like us who got fucked in some economic downturn, caught while they had few chips to rely on and forced to a life of hoboness. once outside the system, how hard must it be to get back in? who would want back in?

I met one last night, and gave him half a mountain dew. he seemed like he'd been at it a while, and i actually enjoyed talking to him.

but then there was this australian dude; now he isn't a cockupstart really, just an addict, but i wrote a rap abuot him. this is a digression.

sob story repeated rote from memory
mixen truth with lies arms shaken, tremoring
he wants smack, seven dollars and a pat on the back
attacking every bud on the street he said his name was pete
from australia said to me your eyes are like crocodiles
don't you believe me? i gotta get free or they'll deport
put out a warrant, don't report please; got lawyer fees
a wife and a daughter; i could tell from his teeth
and his shifty feet that he was ready to slaughter for
coin annoying all the passer bys, if you gotta maintain
a smack habit work it out in your brain, cause you'll
jones like a madman if ya aint got the change
ta fill your veins, avoid those withdrawl pains fill
the syringe and hit a mainline on time; so i tell em
all i got is rhymes, been unemployed for three months
you vs. me, my belly trumps not goin to the atm for you
cause i'm just as blue, red in the pocket, debt goin up
like a rocket; you live free, dont you see? all you gotta
avoid is the r.c.m.p.; i got banks on my ass given me
sass classless companies comin after me with knuckles wrapped in brass

the point about the cockyupstart beggars though are that these are the guys who are our age, clearly can work, and don't. I'll bet they even have homes. in any case. they're far to aggressive and worst of all usually give you a sales pitch that is eerily similar to a cellphone sales guy with their fucking gelled back hair.

I think these are the SAME DOUCHEBAGS that step on your toes at shitty jobs like THE GROCERY STORE to get a job as SHITTY GROCERY STORE MANAGER. Nobody likes them. But they get what they want. Whether it's the corner by 7/11 (i actually saw this young guy dressed in a hawaiian shirt begging for change, go yell at an old wrinkly dude begging for change "You're on my corner and it's BUGGING ME"; hey fucker, that's MY corner. i pay taxes! and i prefer the beggars that aren't douches!) or the most attendances at the intra-office blood drive

anyway, it's overpopulation, i think, that is the reason for these guys. lack of resources (management positions at superstore / jobs ) ( corners for change / people wanting change) that causes salesman.


Blogger Maurice said...

those beggars are the worst ever. i hate how in edmonton they're mostly concentrated around my neck of the woods. the other day one was walking around with this huge greek salad full of olives and feta. he had the audacity to ask everybody to buy him some fries.

good rap!

August 8, 2009 at 11:45 AM  

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