Tuesday, August 18, 2009



new song "mojo"

philosophizing st paul got christ infused hallucinations
hallucinogens in the blood stream dream in the desert
both of us sitten...listenin....trippen
sweaten like late stage nixon

rippen hoots like the green went the way of money
looken at a vixen, shoot a glance now kiss me, lovely
put it on the lips, nothen like a female to go with some bong rips

a boner on a tuesday beats hot stock tips
Mixed bag, observations stacked like poker chips
rockets in your hand one on the table, trip
aces money in the pocket, styled like an aesop fables
defying labels payen too much for the goddamn cable

and the way they play the news spenden money on
crews who abuse the platform, politician as actor
blowen up like nuclear reactors, practically
invisibly stealen the cream from those leaner
than they should be, beause there's no good food to
eat , we got a problem when the salad costs
more than the beef; red meat cheaper than the green leaves
even cigarettes are cheaper; listen to me wheeze!

hoarse horses on horse in the stable once again i've dug way too low, way too low

motions passed against moven mojo on asses
class war against the poor and the whores
motions passed against moven mojo on asses
class war against the poor and the whores

who can't afford glasses; stacken chips
high high, and they lie lie lie about
where they all go, where they all go
funden government promos
funden government homos

getten hosed even when there's no afforden it
hoarden the booze drink drink drink what have you got ta loose
letten mary and joseph pour a corrosive cocktail
hot on your trail, post your notice, post your bail

legato, staccato; our leaders? they cracked yo
democracy? unlikely, so fight me! I know ya
douches in suits are only into sight-seeing
comin at us with tazers, so i hit you with lightning

crab walken lock stock and two smoken barrels
christmas carols sparken controversy honours
at university listless mysterys academically
proving all life is weird and lonely, all life is confusing
amsuing abusing and bruising to the organism
smorgasboard of bodies in the morgue

lord christ almighty crucified in his tighty whities
god above pitchen his plans to smite me
don't take this shit lightly cause honestly, i find it kind frightening


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