Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I don't have a block
i lived on three there was no stoppen
every where i been i been on somebody's clock &
locked in; it gets to me, putten stock in
society where everyone around worships the mighty dolla piously
I'm rioting, on the inside but i can't let it out
cause deep down it's true, money's what i'm all about
i want out, i want in, i want to wallow in the sin
of phat wallets & dollops of whipped cream on toppa my jim beam
& coffee, black like the hearts of the men wearen the black suits
the boots, the pressed collars, business casual partners
starten avalanches slave drivers sitten at the top
while the pock marked punter on the streets dreams about lots
and lots, that will never be, things she'll never see
the person she'll never be, and how that relates to me is
like this: i give me cigarettes to pick pockets
while stalken profits wanting all of it for my own

i am the modern man, i buy all my clothes at the sally ann
i live in canada i eat bannas i try to write hits but in the end,
this existence is bullshit; just a tip of the iceberg
a slice of pie size of the hindenberg
it's the word of god
we all hail from the land of nod
and it's all been decided for us
no change the drugs were laced for us
for all the pain we shoulda just stayed in the forest
you me and my buddy horace
we could fuck whenever we wanted
no worries about s.t.d.s or babies
cause it'd be nature's way, nature's sayen
play it up, make a puppy; no liven in stuffy apartments
no choice but to put your heart in it
none uh diss big business bullshit, no need
to picket wal mart, no need to stick it
in a rib cage, none of this crazy rage

but hey, i can't say i mind bein the modern man
i love the ability to plan, and man my own changes
to think about my goals, step it up in stages
but why we gotta lock our brothers up in cement cages
lazy; that's what we are when it comes to problems
hazy on the details but solutions? we got em
or so they say, but it's just another play
to get the money out of the hands of the poor into the wealth-ays

i don't have a block

don't have an urge to pack a glock just wanna help
put a stop to the madness, stop the sadness
but i'd be glad if you dropped another fitty in my hand


Blogger Maurice said...

these are some pretty sweet raps man

August 27, 2009 at 10:31 PM  
Blogger Sonja said...

You're getting better eh? I can hear it in my head =D

August 28, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

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