Monday, March 22, 2010

vampire part????

babby vampire soul black & bouncy like a rubbah tyah
higha than ne1 bcuz he sn0rtz bl00d, n0se latched
on yer thr0at fienden for that last t0ke of blooooood &
justice, he sez 'trust us' we're VAMPYREZ bitches & we
don't kid around, we winnen all the headz with the evil
sound immortals come around & immortalize you with the
knowhow to bite your neck & now ur dreamz can kome tru
that's how vamp frendz come thru 4 u, time off in lieu
c0z now ur cool, treaten the mortal like f00s and sucken
bak sum bl00d juice, lose the shirt baby i wanna see you
in ur underwear, shit bitch u got a great big tear in yer
throat, piloting a boat thru a rivah uv BLOOD; babby grew
up into a mutherfucken vampire thug


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