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Setting: A Punk Ass Alley in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, V5H 1S6

JAKE THE SNAKE is waiting on his World War 3 Hovercycle. He checks his retro analog watch, looking sketched-out.

JAKE pulls some hair grease from his motorcycle satchel. He flicks a comb into his pomp, and works the magic while looking into a small handheld mirror.

We see the mirror. Some hair grease spills onto the surface, blurring JAKE. JAKE's hand wipes away the grease, and the picture becomes clear.

Jake hears a high pitched whine. JAKE freezes.

JAKE: Esmeralda?!

A vampire BABBY pops out of a dumpster, covered in slime. His mouth puckers and he lets out a primordial roar, baring one gleaming tooth.


JAKE THE SNAKE: BABBY you're lookin' real adorable today. Those fangs couldn't open a can of baby food!!!

BABBY bites JAKE THE SNAKEs neck., JAKE screams & tries to throw BABBY off but is unsuccessful .

It' the year 1600 in the Bathory Castle: a small family is sitting around a very ornate dinner table. Countess Bathery, smiles into a shining goblet, filled with red liquid. Her hair is disheveled, she looks extremely tired. BATHORY smoothes her embroidered dress, stainining her hands with fresh red blood.

BATHERY: Nurse!!! Prepare this child for my BATH!

NURSE: Oui Madame.

The nurse crouches beneath BATHORY'S bare feet. She picks up the small, pathetic bundle and hugs it away into the darkness of the castle chambers.

The nurse hurries down a dark corridor, filled with paintings of beautiful young women. The baby whimpers, and the nurse hugs him all the closer, and smiles at him, showing fangs.

_____________________PLEASE DUBBSTERS, CONTINUE THE ADVENTURE, LET'S BE BALLIN SPIELBERG STYLE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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At the end of the corridor lurks a large golden door, waiting for somebody to dare enter. The nurse does not. She ducks into a small plain door on the side of the corridor. As she slips away she glances curiously at that boldly beaming temptation at the end of that dark path. Never before has she given the door such attention.

Once inside her chambers a rush of blood to her head overcomes her. She sets the baby down on her bed, nearly falling into him as she tries to regain composure. The baby looks up at her, beginning to cry.

NURSE: I must control myself. Madame will kill me if I even taste his blood. She will know.

As the nurse moves to seek out preparations the baby's cries increase. She picks him up and holds his head to her neck. Holding the baby close to her she can feel his heart beating. His soft skin is warm and flush. She holds him closer, gazing hypnotized at his chubby neck. The room becomes silent.

A horrendous cry is heard in the corridor. The golden door seems to smile. The nurse panics with fresh blood dripping from her mouth.

NURSE: I have to hide this from the Madame!

She grabs the fainted child and lunges for her door. The corridor is still empty, but she knows the scream was heard. Her only choice is the golden door. As if it knows exactly what is happening, it begins to open.

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