Tuesday, July 14, 2009

gentrification is extermination for
the lower class, grass smokers and loners strung
out stoners, no boners just hangovers, buildings
built tall, sky high cannibals eaten you up,
and you're just a yung pup new in the big city
it aint pretty, they jack your rent, evict you
when you can't make the payment, so you hit the
pavement dollar slice pizza in the belly smelly
sewers surrounded by users who can't get a leg up
maken up time avoiden cops on bikes who fine ya
for a jaywalk give you a pep talk fuck pigs
and the broken window theory, graffiti on the streets
is a mirror for me and my own thoughts so I tag
full parking lots to show I empathize

the rich bastards and apathetic middle classers don't realize
their lifestyle comes with a price tag and while us
low end rollers are getten cancer from the smokes we're rollen
you can't help but feel that our prosperity was stolen
from us, and that's why we steal from you, who can stand the

attitude that you're entitled to high end homes when
all I got in my fridge is old bones to eat by my lonesome,
it's loathesome that people treat people
like a problem to sweep under the rug, call 'em thugs
squash the poor like bugs, arming the homeless used to seem
like a bad idea but now i'd love to see a gunfight in an ikea
shoot em up shoot em up

riot 2010, fuck the olympics and the upper class bullshit
we've all had enough of it, there's a program, get with it
it's called love your fellow man cause if I'm gonna be a fan
it'll be about my bros and my honeys, fuck money, this world's
way too fucken funny, for my blood, so squash me with the rest of the bugs.


Blogger ovencleaner said...


July 19, 2009 at 4:32 PM  
Blogger Maurice said...

query the rich if they can spare a bill
twenty dollars might buy me another thrill
to keep me from the edge of their fucking demise
it's not me who will fall if you tempt luck, guys
you're not entitled to shit, but the hit from my fist
that you're certain to find if you carry on like this

July 21, 2009 at 3:51 PM  

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