Saturday, December 11, 2010


last night i dubstepped at a "art bar" (think about that for a sec, who do you think inhabits this bar? result: majority of people standing in the back....standing.....having a real good time im sure) and i was pretty fucked on oxys which is pretty cool and girls here are basically sluts which is also pretty cool, juke juke juke, but like. the soundsystem. it was decent enough for a bar playing dubstep (which is to say, not very good but acceptable for five bux, comparable to that yuppie club in gastown) but one of the djs played scorn's glugged with some hilarious club rap over it, which was actually pretty fucking awesome BUT the system was like, totally not enough for it. when i hear scorn on a big system (never have before actually!!!) i want to be torn apart. i honestly kind of felt it was a disrespect to m. harris to play his music on anything that didn't make your chest rattle (discounting home use. no doubt). i wanted the first time i heard scorn with a decent system to put me into a coma. but beggers cant be choosers and it was still pretty okay.

i dont know why im posting this but sup dubbers. i'm about to leave to mexico or louisianna or a little "intentional community" in a place that i can't spell but call "sassketball". probably mexico. it depends ...

with love


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